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Run your office like a Vegas Casino

Run your office like a Vegas Casino

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Naked Leader Week 1061 – Monday 19 February 2024

How to Run your Office like a Vegas Casino

“Culture” is a huge word in business these days, stolen of course from the world of yoghurt

Here are 7 Lessons taken from Vegas Casinos (visited on a recent Vegas speaking gig) you can apply to increase productivity…in descending order of effectiveness:

  1. Serve free alcohol all day – it will make people a lot “happier” and they will bring truth in the room faster.
  2. Make your screen savers more exciting – with flashing lights, moving animals and lots of ker-ching noises (it will encourage people to check their emails).
  3. Have bouncers standing around to eject negative people.
  4. Remove all windows so people can’t get cold, don’t waste time staring out and most importantly will not know if they are working into the dark, especially when coupled with…
  5. Remove all clocks – an additional benefit is that meetings will last as long as they need to last, making them a lot shorter.
  6. Pump in oxygen – keeping people fresh, alert and breathing.
  7. Whenever anyone wins – a customer, achieves something big or even small, have them yell, jump around and hug everyone in their vicinity.

Let me know which ones you go for

With my love and best wishes – all on Black



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