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Seven Challenges to the Formula for Guaranteed Success

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Seven Challenges to the Formula for Guaranteed Success








At events these are, most often, the blocks people erect to ensure they don’t need to take any action at the end of my session!!


1.         Which areas of the FGS cause people the biggest challenge?

Each of the 4 parts in turn:

Know where you want to GO – People either have no idea, or have more than one Outcome and they conflict with each other.

Know where you are NOW – Taking ownership of our lives is very uncomfortable (and uncommon), and yet so very powerful. It means taking responsibility for both how we act, and how we react. We can’t control all that happens to and around us; we can always control how we respond.

Know what you have to DO, to get to where you want to GO – Making a True Decision (a decision that we don’t keep changing) is very tough. You will know when you have done it in your life, and in your team.

Do It! – And keep getting back up again if (when) we get it “wrong.” We only need to look at how many times successful people from all walks of life have “fallen over” and got back up again to know how many others have “fallen over” and stayed lying down…


2.         Do we have to follow it in order (As above)

In my opinion, yes. However as a central premise to the FGS there is no “right” or “wrong” – there is only what “works” and what does not, apply it as you wish and see what works for you, and trust your own experience – your own facts, science and evidence.


3.         It is easier to apply in our personal lives than in an organisation

Yes, “easier,” because your future – your choice. Apply this same principle in a group/team/company and it works – i.e. don’t worry about what others say or do – take total ownership of what you say and do. Help others, and be responsible for only yourself.


4.         ‘Make me into a Man!’ challenge

The most frequent, by far. Cite an impossible and hypothetical dream!

This is a real example – “You say I can achieve anything I want…

ok…I want to cycle for Team Sky in the Tour De France…”

My response – “OK, what happened when you wrote to Team Sky…?” Invariably they haven’t.

Reply – “No, I have decided that is what I want from now”

My reply –  “OK, so what are you going to do about it…”

Look, I am NOT saying everyone can achieve anything, I am saying that if there is one other person on this planet, in poorer circumstances than you, who has achieved what you want to achieve, then so can you.

And that is very very uncomfortable for many people, so to avoid all that commitment, hard work and trial and error, we will make up every excuse we can, and most people will convince themselves they can’t achieve anything, before they have done anything!

If you believe you can’t achieve something, ask yourself the question “how do I know?”


5.         What if I don’t want “success?”    

Success = any outcome you want to achieve in your life by your own definition. The FGS can be applied – indeed, it is applied, to almost every activity we ever do. You know this, because you have done it whenever you have achieved success in your life to date.


6.         It’s not new

Indeed! – it’s how you learned to walk, learned how to do anything, and it is a simplification of the hundreds of success models out there. The world doesn’t need more new success or leadership thinking, until we have actually applied the ones we already have.


7.         But surely only one person can win a race?

Yup! Sports people I have spoken with say the winner is the athlete (or team) who best apply the formula…the roots of the FGS come from sport…but of course there can indeed be only one winner.

So, next time you are in a 100 metre race, apply the FGS for yourself, and don’t worry what the others are doing. One thing I do know whoever doesn’t apply it and believe they do have a chance of winning never will.  – If you start that worry it will actually cause you to lose, and then you will of course be proved “right.”

Massive thanks to everyone who has asked these questions, and bring them on!


Please always remember though, none of this is about me, it is all about you, and what you personally do about it…




10 Responses to Seven Challenges to the Formula for Guaranteed Success

  1. I personally can apply it to business and personal live and it works both ways for men.
    It is an excellent formula and one I would recommend.

  2. Thank you Michael. Marcus re your comment I agree…however I think there are some people who do not want to change anything in their lives, because they are totally “happy.” I am personally quite jealous of these people! Thanks David

  3. There are some excellent Naked Leader weeks and this is right up there with the best.
    There is nothing better than a motivational pep talk at the start of each week, and this is certainly one that has given me a surge of energy.

  4. Yes, it really is about seeing what works for you.
    Keep doing what works, stop doing what doesn’t work.
    Isn’t that Naked Leader’s philosophy?
    Simple really!

  5. taking the time out to find where you are now is the hard bit.
    Sitting down and contemplating on life for a couple of hours is so worthwhile, though, in order to work out a true path for future happiness.
    So many people ‘drift’ and while that has its benefits, really having a purpose for life and what you are going to do with it has inspired me and can do the same for others.

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