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Simplicity Made Real

Simplicity Made Real

Naked Leader Week 894 – 19 October 2020

Time to read: 70 seconds

Inspired by a recently received marketing e-mail, which included these immortal words:

As you know, digital measurement is the backbone of any digital transformation journey and starting with individual campaigns can build to enterprise-level business shifts.’

This is a sort of uber-jargon, expressed in such an Orwellian, dead-pan tone that it is not even funny.

Almost every company talks about simplicity. So easy to discuss, so much harder to do. Here are 4 Actions that go from ‘tricky’ to ‘fiendishly hard’:

How brave are you?

1: Bring meetings, projects and conversations back to outcomes.

2: Arrive at the point.

3: Never use a word that is not understandable by a ten year old child.

4: Every time you hear an acronym that you think someone in the room might not understand ask what that acronym means – my daughter Olivia did this and there was disagreement amongst those present what the acronym actually meant!

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