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The 2016 Naked Leader Conference will be our last ever, because…

The 2016 Naked Leader Conference will be our last ever, because…

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The 2016 Naked Leader Conference will be our last ever, because

Your feedback has told us that leaders want shorter more frequent, more intimate events such as breakfast seminars, that feature an individual global expert, and so that is what we will be doing starting in February 2017.

After 5 successful years, our October event – Business as a Force for Good – will be our final annual conference. Quite fitting, really, as I believe we are now in a new business age, which I am calling The Leadership Economy. Forget ‘the information age’ – we are overwhelmed with that – or change for changes sake, the future is all about one thing only – truly authentic leadership, and using that to get 3 times more from the people that you already have.

And to do that you, we, and every organisation needs to be a Force for Good – internally and externally. For those who have secured a place for October then I promise you this – our annual event is going out in style. And of course, practical substance – how tos you can apply straight away.

Here’s just one highlight from each of the previous years below so don’t miss this opportunity to experience and benefit from our last conference this year.

Or check out the video page here for a reminder!

2012 – Woking – Naked Leader Coaching Conference

We’ll never forget Gavin Preston’s clapping exercise – positive coaching without words. A powerfully demonstrated example of communicating by action, and how effective that is.

2013 – London – The Victory Services Club – Coaching for a diverse workforce

Experiencing Steph Cutler’s presentation ‘turning lemons into lemonade’ was memorable – what a positive attitude to a life changing event – sudden major sight loss. We all have to count our blessings and work with what we have for the good, and view the most unlikely negatives as opportunities.

2014 – London – The Cumberland Hotel – Leadership that makes and saves you money

Everyone loved the crazy boxing style debate to vote on experience being more valuable than education. Is it worth paying the extra for education? On the day experience just pipped education at the post. It was close though. Yes, we need to learn what to do, and we also need to actually take action and learn from our experiences – helpful and unhelpful.

See the video for a reminder of Professor Mark Durkin and David Taylor’s big fight!

2015 – London – The Grange City Hotel – Your Future – Take it or Lead it!

Out of a mad, busy, full on day – with much around technology and change – it’s of note that the session so many remembered was the relaxing, honest, open and challenging mindfulness experience delivered by Jules Peck.

If you didn’t already – check out the video page here and relive some of that buzz!

I am so pleased to have been asked to Chair this year’s conference – Business as a Force For Good, and am looking forward to making it our best ever, see you there!

With my love and best wishes

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  1. It’s been a brilliant ride, David.
    Congratulations on the conferences and here’s to the start of breakfast seminars.
    Refreshing to see a company adapt with the way their clients think.

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