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The 3 Don’ts of Email

The 3 Don’ts of Email

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The 3 Don’ts of Email

3 simple rules to have a more positive email experience

  • Don’t CC anybody and everybody for the sake of it on emails. The more people who are copied, the more noise will be created – only copy those who need to know – to do something, or really do need to be kept informed.
    And if you’re replying to the mass cc, consider who really needs to see your response – not everyone wants 20 replies if there were 20 people cc’d on the original.
  • Beware the Bcc! A very useful tool for causing surprise – as the person Bccd may not realise that their copy is a blind copy, so when they hit reply all…! A more useful strategy is to forward the mail afterwards to avoid any mishaps or simply openly cc.
  • Never put in an email anything you wouldn’t want published on the front page of the Daily Mail. You can’t get it back, it can be forwarded to anyone and is often attached in long email trails to the very person you wouldn’t want to see it.

With my love and best wishes to you all.



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  1. That is so true with regard to emails. Actually, sometimes just pick the phone up. Much better and more personal and you don’t leave a trail.

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