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The 7 Key Naked Leader Messages – Beautifully Illustrated

The 7 Key Naked Leader Messages – Beautifully Illustrated

Time to Read and View All:  Around 4 minutes

The 7 Key Naked Leader Messages – Beautifully Illustrated

ckClaire Kidd has been a Naked Leader since the very beginning and over the last few months she has been illustrating our key seven messages – each can be viewed on the Clipboard.

I asked Claire, artist, sculptor, 3D designer, writer, leader and coach, 3 questions:

How long did each one take to draw?

“The length of time varies dependant on where the ideas emerge from. Some are instantaneous and therefore worked up in moments, to a couple of hours. Others require what I would describe as a collision of ideas, brought together and evolved through a process of shaping.”

Why did you choose to do such wonderful drawings to accompany the key Naked Leader messages?

“Naked Leader is a mutual place of trust and collaboration – it’s the time and space where ‘wonderful’ is created. In the light and dark of times, to be the very best that you already are …to ‘Realise You’.”

Would you please write a maximum of two lines about each drawing and how what it depicts reflects its message?

bethebest1. Be the very best that you already are

“Photograph of 3D glass panel, with previous failures, along with 3 wire love hearts fused within. We can make something amazing with love and courage from what we have within …in every moment.”

leadit2. Your future…take it or lead it

“A play on 3 dots… and words. They appear on a continuous, multiple, repeating thread of time. The future lost, disappearing into the past, unless one is prepared to take responsibility and lead into it.”

whywouldnt3. Why wouldn’t you?

“A manipulation and emphasis on the symbols Y and U. An in between space is enabled for 2 Ys via colour, combining to create the best of all Ys. You at heart, with U wrapped around the crucial mark.”

yourfuture4. Your Future – Your Choice

“A symbol of you at your very best, at the heart and centre of your future -using the FGS framework to evolve your choices, which appear as an integrating spiral of coloured threads.”

nothingwrong5. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with you

“A dark puzzle piece has been stripped of all its humanity, with a play on the word Fix. When we fully embrace diversity of strengths, talents and passions it moves us away from what is ‘wrong’ with you.”

unleash6. Unlock and unleash the talents that you already have

“A play on the letters ‘Un’, manifesting as padlocks within 2 contrasting puzzle pieces. The smaller, duller piece, its talents held captive. The larger, ‘in the moment’…its true colours fully unleashing.”

imagine7. Imagine if you simply could not fail – what would you do?

“Brain/mind integrating spiral mark patterns, illustrating an entrance to your Mind’s Eye… Imagination.  Be open to your imagination, see it and then do it to ‘Realise You’.”

Thank you Claire for sharing these

With my love and best wishes



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    • The beauty of tuned words and pictures, provoking thought and therefore action… Thank you Marcus

  1. That’s a brilliant concept. To imagine there was no way you could fail.
    I sincerely hope that for the sake of football fans everywhere, Leicester City’s players still have that mentality.

    • Thank you Frank. Absolutely… 4 nil to date! And Kasabian thinking so too with a smasher of a concert due in celebration at the Leicester City ground 28th May.

    • Thank you! So glad you liked them. If you would like to create such images too, they are drawn on an iPad via an app called 53

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