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The Choice of Opposites

The Choice of Opposites

Time to Read:  Under 54 seconds to read – longer to decide

The Choice of Opposites

Neither of them are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ by the way – you decide which help move you closer to you outcome, and which move you further away…

  1. Which do you say more, “And” or “But”?
  2. Do you believe it when you see it, or see it when you believe it?
  3. When talking with your team, do you say “I”, or “We”?
  4. When you want to make change in your life, is it a should, or must?
  5. Real honesty question: Are you a drain or a radiator?
  6. When you listen to your people, team or department, do you hear noise, or music?
  7. Do you ask, “what’s going wrong”? Or “what’s going right”?
    And finally, a big one
  8. Do you say “You don’t understand what I am saying” or “Sorry, I am not explaining myself very well”

Your opinion, choices and words – your choice, always

With my love or best wishes, whichever works better for you 



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4 Responses to The Choice of Opposites

  1. And before but and I when addressing the team.
    The bit about right and wrong is so pertinent. Think what’s right, the half full approach, and you will get more from life.
    Otherwise you are a drain, rather than a radiator.

  2. Hear the music as a team leader, not just noise.
    I do, and I believe everybody in the team creates something special, and therefore makes sweet music.

  3. Buts are important, they bring perspective, although ands are necessary too.
    If ifs and buts were ands the world would be a less cynical place.

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