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The Formula for Guaranteed Medals

The Formula for Guaranteed Medals

Time to Read: Twice round the velodrome track (once for medal winners)
The Formula for Guaranteed Medals  


What an Olympics Rio was

Different, quirky, fun and so full of amazing sport, stories and surprises

One of the biggest of those surprises was how well Team GB did in track cycling – they had not won very much since the London Olympics…

Their success was such that every member of the Team GB cycling team won a medal, and of course the final day’s drama, romance and record golds by Laura Trott and her fiancé Jason Kenny was the stuff of Hollywood.

So, how did they, and all medallists, do it?

Sir Dave Brailsford, formerly performance director of British Cycling and current general manager of Team Sky, put it like this on TV:

“You look at what you want to win…, what’s actually that going to take, then you look at where you are now, then you figure out the gap…, and assess what it would actually take to win, then put all the interventions in place that are going to take you from A to B, and then ensure you continually improve”

Watch here from 2:43 onwards

Or, in other words…

Sports Psychologists often talk about the three things that hold people back at sports:

(1) Not appreciating what skills they have; (2) Fear and (3) Somehow seeking permission

So, what are you waiting for to go for your own personal gold medal in life, your career or as an organisation?

  • Skill? If you want something with a passion, you either already have the skill or you can learn it.
  • Courage? Look within – deep within.
  • Permission – Go for it.

And… what does every single successful sportsperson have? – a coach! Get a coach – If you want success.

And then #nevergiveup

With my massive congratulations to all medal winners and competitors from all countries, and my love and best wishes to you all


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  1. There is also a great deal of hard work and discipline involved.
    Yes, the money has allowed athletes to devote time, as their full-time job. But that is merely so they can exploit what talent they have and get themselves out of themselves.
    To be the best they can be!

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