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The Greatest Stories Never Told

Naked Leader Week – 170 (w/c Monday 21 August 2006)

The Greatest Stories Never Told

Think about that time in your life when you showed absolute persistence, when nothing was going to stop you. Or about a true decision that you made that proved to be life-changing, and life-choosing. Or perhaps that person who helped you when you most needed it.

Think about an unsung hero in your life, or in your team or company – or perhaps a time when you felt alone or had suffered a loss or tragedy, or when a project was written off and someone you know turned it around.

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur, or you have a desire to help the world in some way, or you simply know of someone who so deserves to be recognised for what they have done to help someone else.

I am looking for just 100 best of the best, previously unpublished, real-life, relevant and inspirational stories. Those that will move people to laugh, cry, and ideally to take action in their own lives.

They may feature your friends, your family, or a complete stranger. They may be about children and young people’s incredible insights, or they may be a story about you.

Now is your chance to become a storyteller, and to be featured in a book, in this weekly action-letter, and/or on the new web-site which we are building right now.

Your story will be fully accredited, you will receive a first edition copy of my next book, The Naked Coach, publishing spring 2007 and, if you wish, you can use the story to promote your web-site / business / personal mission. One way or another your story will be seen by thousands of people all around the world.

I have no shortage of ‘famous’ people’s stories of action, inspiration and helping others – I am now looking for yours…

The style is up to you, length between 100 and 300 words, no hype, jargon or mystery. The most important aspect is that people can apply it to their own lives – to help themselves, each other, or their companies.

Everyone has a story to tell. Please share yours by sending it to me at headed “Story”.

With love and very best wishes always



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