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The Human Being

The Human Being

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Naked Leader Week 1005 – 9 January 2023

2023 – The Year of The Human Being


Because people are not the number one asset in our organisations – people are the only asset in our organisations.

Every challenge and opportunity is always a people issue, all dressed up as something else entirely, such as ‘change’ or ‘reorganisation’ or ‘project’ or (insert your favourite buzz word here).

What to Do – the starting three:

  1. Realise that the wellbeing of your people is your number one priority – by ensuring that your organisation is not just a great place to work, it is also a great place to be.
  2. Wrap your organisation around your people, the very opposite of the traditional, failing other way around – replace ‘Job Descriptions’ with Rolling CVs – let people work whenever and from wherever they want, as long as they deliver their outcomes, and set them free, within clear boundaries, by getting those eggs frying.
  3. Unleash all of the strengths, passions and genius in everyone – not just a chosen few. Ask people ‘what is the number one skill you have, that we are not using?’ People are great at what they love doing and they love doing what they are great at. Watch the film ‘Moneyball.’

In 2023 don’t try to ‘retain’ your people. WOW them, give them freedom and let them know they belong. Of course, some won’t want to play, let them leave – most will love it and will give their all. You will also save a fortune in recruitment fees and the time and expense taken to bring new people up to speed.

The above represents a power shift in organisations, which will be uncomfortable for many. However in these times of great uncertainty, they are the only way to bring success in 2023 and beyond.

A very happy new year to you all



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