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The Killer Deal

MAKE your big idea a killer proposition.

Write it out, in language a 10-year-old would understand. Explain the pain (problems overcome) and pleasure (benefits) which will come from your big idea.

Combine the two, ie, it needs to appeal to a problem being solved and an opportunity being achieved.

Then, the killer part, add the consequences of not doing something about the problem, so you end up with a three-part killer proposition.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

2 Responses to The Killer Deal

  1. Interesting.
    Like the idea of going through pain to get the pleasure part.
    Most people need to do that in business if they want to come up with an idea that will wow would-be investors for instance.
    I haven’t come up with my killer proposition. Yet!

  2. The pain and the pleasure is a theme throughout the Naked Leader story.
    You have to go through one to get the other.
    Far more satisfying that way.

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