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The Make and Save Money Roller Coaster Ride…

The Make and Save Money Roller Coaster Ride…

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The Make and Save Money Roller Coaster Ride…
In 11 years of NL Weeks, I have never featured a case study. That changes today. In Naked Leader we make and save you money through “naked” leadership, and the biggest challenge we get is this – people don’t believe us…

Over to FTSE 100 company Tullow Oil, and Chris Rivinus, Head of IS Project Delivery:

At Tullow, we pursue excellence in everything we do. Having already achieved a great deal, could we take everything to an even higher level – by delivering massive, measurable business value to our organisation? This was the question Andrew Marks, our CIO asked at the beginning of 2012. And David Taylor had the answer: “Yes you can, and let us show you how.” And so Andrew Marks, CIO, invited David and his selected experts from Naked Leader to help the IS Leadership Team to find a new way to assess IT investment and truly align it to business strategy.  Whilst the answer of what we had to do was straightforward, how to achieve it was new territory.
What happened next is reminiscent of riding a roller coaster: You sit down, strap yourself into your seat and wait with a mixture of apprehension, fear and anticipation. The ride starts and you experience some of the most intense, exhilarating and scary moments of your life. During every second of the ride you want it to stop.  The moment it does, you want it to start again. “Naked Leader days” at Tullow feel exactly like that.  The simple goal was to get back to business: to tie everything the IS team did to making or saving money for Tullow.  And then inviting a Senior Leadership peer group to accept this new approach and make their own decisions to achieve the ‘best for Tullow’; no more, no less.
And together, we did it!  Over $25 million of capital spend was removed in the first year of adopting this approach.  Tangible returns on investments have started to be measured.  Projects are being completed.  Resource numbers are being held back.  Ideas that don’t make the grade are cut. The IS Leadership Team feels fitter.  The Senior Leadership are engaged.  Tullow is stronger, as the model used by Andrew and his team is now being used elsewhere in Tullow to assess investment decision-making; so truly helping Tullow to get back to business.
Thank you Andrew and Chris – it was quite a ride!


And the wider business world is starting to take notice. An article written by Chris himself was recently named Paper of the Year by Business Information Review journal and the team was recognised by the Corporate IT Forum as Runner-up for a Real IT Award in their Business Value category.


Andrew will be speaking at the 2014 Naked Leader Annual Conference, where you can hear about the incredible journey and powerful results the partnership between Tullow and Naked Leader has produced.

So, when did you last go on a roller coaster? – Scream in the comments below.
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  1. We all get that feeling when we take on a new challenge, the fun is from the moment you strap in and get taken away without having any control where it takes you.

  2. Had heard of Tullow and sounds like they have great values.
    Great to think they and Naked Leader are linked.

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