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Naked Leader Week – 82 (w/c Monday 6 December 2004)

Just three more Naked Weeks and we move into the big launches – of The Metanet – the first leadership portal on the web, more on that, next week. In two weeks I will be previewing The Next Business Age, a blueprint for the enlightened organisation in the 21st Century, drawn up by business and spiritual leaders throughout the world, including many of you, and in three weeks, after receiving hundreds of e-mails, for Christmas week, I will be previewing how we can all, together, at last awaken the forces of good in the world, in 2005.

 hese three, plus continuing thoughts and contributions from you, making the Global Top 50 Leaders a more regular feature, and extracts from The Naked Leader Adventure, will be the basis of A Naked Week in 2005.

For the Metanet please send in the books and “gurus” you most admire – together we will have the definitive ongoing top 21. For now, here are mine.

 With love to you wherever you are



 My Top 21 Recommended Books / “Gurus”


No. Name Key Book Key Message Achievement
1 Mark McCormack What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School You don’t need Harvard to achieve your dreams Hype, jargon and bullshit free
2 Colin Turner Shooting The Monkey


Self over ego Eastern and Western thoughts combined
3 Spencer Johnson Who moved my cheese? Change is down to each and every individual Simplified how we are with regard to change
4 Steven Covey Seven Habits of Highly effective People values and principles are all Principled leadership
5 Anthony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within Pain and Pleasure Simplified complex messages, world’s best presenter
6 Charles Handy The Hungry Spirit People are pretty important! Cultural change in a management context
7 Richard Bandler

(John Grinder)

Unlimited Power (Anthony Robbins!) Human excellence can be modelled – and repeated Took NLP to the masses
8 Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now Live in the moment Managed three books (so far) out of a single idea!
9 Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen The One Minute Millionaire Enlightenment in business just arrived Written in two styles – a business book and as story
10 Stephen Lundin Fish! Work can be fun! Cultural change from the heart in story form



No. Name Key Book Key Message Achievement
11 Warren Bennis Managing People is like herding cats Leaders are made, not born Leadership in reality
12 Dale Carnegie How to win friends and influence people We are mirrors of our behaviour How people are – similar and unique
13 Sun-Tzu The Art of War Opportunities multiply as they are seized Action is all
14 Ken Blanchard The One Minute Manager Theories great – do it!! The fast message
15 Wayne W. Dyer Manifest Your Destiny If we believe something to be true, it is Automatic destinies
16 Deepak Chopra The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success We spend too much externally, not enough internally! Our inner selves
17 Edward de Bono The Use of Lateral Thinking Thinking outside the box – six thinking hats Lateral thinking
18 Tony Buzan Use Your Head We think in pictures, and they cause links in our thinking Mind-Maps
19 Adrian Gilpin Unstoppable People There is nothing new – it’s how we apply it! UK Pioneer
20 James Redfield The Celestine Prophecy Synchronicity 10m copies!




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