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The most Logical AND Emotional way to make a 50/50 decision…

Time to Read ā€“ As long as it takes to play a hunch

(As I did with a CEO recently)

Logical ā€“ flip a coin.

Emotional ā€“ when the coin is in the air, you will have an immediate feeling on what side you want it to land – catch the coin before it lands and go with that decision.

Try it! Before you think Iā€™m crazy.

Just think of all that time and energy you just saved.

With love to you all

12 Responses to The most Logical AND Emotional way to make a 50/50 decision…

  1. Haha, Yes, I’ve done that for years.
    Like Nigel said, its the focus on that sudden and impactful feeling.
    It sounds mad, but when you do it, it’s like something forces your hand and that’s the one to go with.

  2. Possibly the simplest, best advice I’ve read for years!! Indecision is a time waster and often we know what we want but almost need to justify the decision. I love it:)

  3. I know a CEO and he wouldn’t have bought that. It’s that simple. Not everything works with everybody no matter how much you want it to or think it will.

  4. Emotion every time for me.
    Go with them all the time.
    Sometimes your head can be right but mostly your heart knows what’s what.

  5. Why not use both. Your heart can often lead you on the right path and the head needs to make the decision to then go with it.
    A dual purpose is the way forward.

  6. I like flipping a coin. It then becomes a game of chance. And the chances are you will make something of it whichever way it goes.

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