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The most personal one I have ever written

Naked Leader Week – 121 (w/c Monday 12th September 2005)

The most personal one I have ever written,

with thanks to my father for his permission to share this.

 Please send this on to those whose lives you touch,

and to anyone who you think may benefit from this story.

 One of the biggest issues for men, is to make peace with their fathers, something I write about in book three, to be published next year, and receive e-mails on every week.

This week, my story with my father, next week, someone else’s experience of making peace with their father after he had passed away.

For years I had complained that he had managed my expectations when I was younger, and had rarely if ever told me that he loved me, and never said he was “proud” of me.

 And as this book unfolded, I realised that if I was going to be true to the words I was writing, and to find peace, I had to do something about it.

So, we met up in The Lake District for a walking weekend. My plan was to wait until the Sunday, and on a long walk, to ask him if he was proud of me.

 We met on the Friday evening and went straight into dinner. The restaurant was very full, and we chatted about family and walking and this book. My dad and I have never been wine connoisseurs, and so we asked the waitress which wine she would recommend. She suggested a something or other, and added that it was “number 42 on the list.”

 And my dad then spoke, to her, and said words that brought me instant peace.

 He said “Ah, number 42, that will mean a lot to my son David – he finished his first book at chapter 42, it is brilliant. I am so proud of him.”

 To which the waitress smiled, politely, and walked away

 To which tears welled up in my eyes, and I looked at my daddy, and told him that I loved him, too.

 With all my love

Whoever you are

Wherever you are

However you are




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