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The most uncomfortable truth about you…

The most uncomfortable truth about you…

Naked Leader Week 848 – 18 November 2019

Time to Read: 21 seconds 



…Is that you are unique, amazing and as unstoppable as you choose to be.

To prove that is true, ask yourself this – is there someone, anyone, in poorer circumstances than you, with fewer resources, who has achieved what you really want to achieve in life?

We know from our work with hundreds of young people from The Prince’s Trust  that there are many.  Look out for Ruma’s story next week.

So, when will you realise how extraordinary, powerful and gifted you already are – no matter how uncomfortable that may make you feel.




You were born with unlimited potential, which you still have.

Please, go fulfil the promise of your first few seconds, to ensure no regrets in your last.

And help others to do the same.

With my love and best wishes





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