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The Naked Leader, published in August 2002

Naked Leader Week – 40 Monday 2nd February 2004

Leadership from a different perspective – Yours

 The Naked Leader, published in August 2002, was “Naked” because it strips away the jargon, mystery and hype from leadership and success. My aim was to take ideas, beliefs and actions that had previously been available to only a few, and make them accessible to everyone in the world.

The Naked Leader Experience takes the “Naked” one stage further. In addition to being jargon free, it focuses on the natural skills, gifts and talents we all had on the day that we were born.

On that day, we only had two fears – one was of falling over, the other of loud noises. The first we need to learn to walk, the second we get over by the time we are teenagers!

In other words, no matter what your background, your age or your present position, you and everyone you know has amazing, perhaps unlimited powers and potential. I also concluded that while we can all learn more, and acquire new knowledge; perhaps more data was not going to provide our breakthrough.

Somehow we need to remember those feelings of being unstoppable, to return to being our true selves, and to reclaim our birthright.

These messages of identity, purpose and living the life we were born to lead are not my messages, they are everyone’s. And so the next phase of The Naked Leader is born.

It is about giving people and organisations back to themselves.

It is about these messages of hope reaching everyone on earth, in a world where it is so easy to learn what is “wrong” with us, remembering what is “right” with us.

It is about all of us being different, about respecting and celebrating those differences.

Because there are no answers anymore – if there were the “right” way to lead a team, be a mother or be a husband we would all simply follow it, and life would be predictable…and boring.

Most fundamentally, it seems that the success (by our own definition) in our lives and for those we care about comes down to the choices we make. That way we find not “the answer,” but “our answer.”

If you agree with these ideas and suggestions, that’s cool.

And if you do not agree with these ideas and suggestions, that’s also cool.

There is plenty of leadership, tools and techniques out there to help everyone, however how do we find the right paths for ourselves, and how can we best guide others? For years we have done this by “teaching” others what to think rather than how to think.

So I concluded a naked week and the naked leader web-site must change to reflect leadership from a different perspective, yours. To be an inspirational gateway to all of leadership learning, of ideas and enlightenment in the world. That is what will now happen.

During 2004, will be given back to you – you will decide and vote on the links, books, music, quotes and films. You will be able to connect with like-minded leaders around the world, and to help others make their dreams come true, while they help you realise yours.

Also, A Naked Week will from next week be written by a different person each week – sharing their stories, their favourite leaders, it will be a weekly “blog” topped and tailed by small updates from me. It will come from anyone, and anywhere, in the world.

Make it inspirational, make it fun, and make it relevant to everyone who will read it (over 30,000 people from 100+ countries. Share with us what it is like being a naked leader from your perspective. Please include whatever you want – your favourite quote, inspirational music, leadership film, leader or book – or none of these – it’s up to you.

And it can be in any language you wish – I will always send it out in English, however if there is anyone out there who would like to translate this every week for your own countries please let me know!

Send it to me, as you would like it to go out, with a small piece about yourself, and a contact phone number for me to call you. Please send it to

With love to you wherever you are



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