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Naked Leader Week – 169 (w/c Monday 14 August 2006)

Four years ago this week, The Naked Leader was published, and my life ch anged forever. This NL Week is not about me, though, it is about those of you who believe you too have a book inside of you.

In early 2002, my good friend René Carayol told me he had three pieces of advice for me:

1          Write a book

2          Write a book

3          Write a book

And so I wrote a book!

Today I pass on that advice to you. If you feel you want to write a book – write a book. And if you don’t feel you can write a book, then write a chapter. And if you don’t feel you can write a chapter, then write a paragraph. And if you don’t feel you can write a paragraph, then write a few words, or even a single word. Then you no longer have a book you are thinking about, you have a book you are writing.

Since René’s touchstone book, Corporate Voodoo (Stephen please put in Amazon Link via us), he has gone on to become an adviser to Boards, a TV personality, and general all-round helper of others. Keep going René, and thank you forever –

In early 2003, I met Noel Edmonds, the man who once owned Saturday night on television. Noel is a lovely man – a successful entrepreneur who has overcome huge challenges, and he has now made his TV comeback in “Deal or No Deal”. And what a comeback – with 3 to 4m viewers at tea time! Noel has just published his first book, Positively Happy: Cosmic Ways to Change Your Life (Stephen please put in Amazon Link via us).  I am so very proud of you Noel –

In 2005, I met a lady called Penny Ferguson. We had many open and very frank discussions, and in one, I passed on René’s advice. Then, just six months later – six months – a book arrived at my home: The Living Leader by Penny Ferguson. WOW Penny, well done – and so fast – you gobsmacked me.

As I held Penny’s book in my hands, I was reminded of a phone-in I once did on radio – one caller said, in a rather disparaging way, “What’s the big deal, anyone can write a book” to which I replied, in hopefully a more positive way, “Yes, they can”.

However, it is a big deal – as you will know when you start the adventure of writing yours, or when you encourage someone you know who would like to write one.

With love to you all



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