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The perks of having an office dog

The perks of having an office dog

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The perks of having an office dog

When I visited the HQ of Percol Coffee in London, I met Lupo…over to Harriet Matley, Marketing Executive…

It’s no secret; we’ve all got a favourite colleague. It’s not awkward, and it’s openly spoken about. His name is Lupo. He’s bright, entertaining, friendly, cheeky and full of personality.

Sure, he’s a dog, but does that matter? He’s part of the team.

He’s an ice breaker, a confidant, a tension diffuser, a conversation starter and the perfect companion when you need to take a break and reset.

Office life can be stressful and it’s a pleasure to have a little pal who remains consistently upbeat and thrilled to be with us each day.

Through the deadlines, meetings, emails, successes and disappointments, Lupo always has a way of restoring calm. He makes sure to visit each and every one of us throughout the day and has a knack of knowing who might be in need of a quick, cuddly distraction from their screens the most.

They say having an office dog boosts morale, relieves stress and adds a sense of camaraderie. Well, we can tell you from experience, they’re right. Lupo is the grinder to our beans, the crema to our cup and that extra reason we enjoy coming to work.

He’s content to be the very best that he already is, and we can all learn a lot from that.

Sure, he’s a dog, and does that matter? We love him.

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12 Responses to The perks of having an office dog

  1. How timely is this… Sadly this weekend I had to say my goodbyes to my “office Dog” Charlie.

    Possibly the biggest benefit of working from home for me was working with Charlie. Charlie my mongrel rescue dog was well known by the entire team as he would often join in on conference calls barking his approval or vigorously squeaking a toy when he felt we were going of topic.

    Genuinely he did help, he was there to de-stress me and remind me of what really matters. When I was stuck for inspiration we would grab the lead and go to get some fresh air. I would practice presentations and pitches as we walked through the fields, stopping occasionally to reflect and throw a stick.

    He was the best Co-worker I have ever had and I am going to miss him.

    • Martyn – thank you – so sorry to hear about Charlie – dogs and cats and our pets are like children to us. Thank you for sharing this, it made me cry. David x

  2. Dear Martyn

    Thank you for sharing your story about Charlie with us.
    Sounds like he was a great colleague and friend.
    Best wishes from all the NL Team x

  3. Such a sweet story, Pets are so much part of our lives.
    I had a little tear and a little smile imagining that Charlie might of wagged harder for a good pitch 🙂

  4. Great line, very true ‘He’s content to be the very best that he already is, and we can all learn a lot from that.’

  5. Received via email thank you:
    Hi David I agree! Attached is a photo of Gloria, office cat, “helping” as only she can, as we prepared for the 20th Anniversary of DBA Speakers at the weekend. All good wishes to you, Diana
    Look out for next weeks NL Week we will post the picture.

  6. Received via email thank you:
    Nice story! With my new career I have my own office dog – and I get to share her with the wife and kids. Together with a 1 minute commute, workplace stress has melted away!

  7. At least losing a pet puts children, for instance, in a position where they are able to experience death, which is not family/friends.

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