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The Top 3 Priorities for your organisation in 2015

The Top 3 Priorities for your organisation in 2015

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The Top 3 Priorities for your organisation in 2015

3. Show Yourselves the Money – Get Back to Business

Identify the 10% of activities that bring in 90% of value and stop doing everything else (the most innovative action you can ever take).

Know how to measure everything – ban the word intangible from your organisation.

If anyone argues for the existence of intangibles pay them in intangible money (get yours here ).

2. Unlock the Talents that you already have – Get Back to Yourselves

Ask everyone what they are most passionate about at work and find a way they can apply it every day.

Put teams together on the basis of strengths.

Stop people taking work home (homework) or staying late (detention) and invite them to bring their true and total selves – their personalities – to work.

1. Turn your organisation inside out – Get Back to your Customers

Wrap yourselves around your customers/clients. No more “support” functions, and no more “internal” customers. Everyone is “the business”.

Give your frontline people maximum discretionary freedom to make whatever decision is needed to help, serve and add benefit to your customers.

Your customers have the power to shut you down, as we have seen in hundreds of organisations in 2014.

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