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There is nothing wrong with you

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There is nothing wrong with you

I could write so much about the Paralympics – the backstories, the dedication, the performances. Instead, I simply write this – none of those competitors at any time complained that there was something wrong with them – indeed, many are campaigning to remove the word “disabled.”

The overwhelming message that resonated with me and flies in the face of many who blame their circumstances or ‘lack of a talent’ for not achieving any sort of success – there is nothing wrong with you!

In Naked Leader, when we work with people who are blind, have missing limbs, wheelchair users etc. the experience is exactly the same. We find we are working with determined, gifted, and, often humble people who have got to grips with their world and are awesome in their achievements.

So much we can all learn from these talented individuals – we can all achieve success in what we CAN do rather than what we can’t do. You may say David ‘that’s a special world of sport and athletics’ (!!! Think about it!)

..and what about business?

I give you Rosaleen Moriarty-Simmonds who runs a successful consultancy business.  Recently on Radio Wales and featured in the Naked Millionaire and author of her own book Four fingers and Thirteen Toes.

So, KNOW this and know this forever, whoever you are, and wherever you are, there is nothing wrong with you.

I see this as the greatest legacy of the Paralympics.

With my love and best wishes


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  1. I got chatting about the Olympics and Paralympics today with a client – we compared our favourite moments of the Games. He has a health condition which qualifies him for some help with his extra needs, yet it hadn’t occured to him that he was more ‘disabled’ than some of the people we were discussing in terms of admiration for their competitive spirit. I for my part think of him as the guy with a particular interesting hobby, not as the client with that health problem. His health issue does not affect that enthusiasm or his enthusiasm.
    Perhaps the Games may increase how often people see what can be done rather than what cannot. He does.

  2. I think the Paralympians are a credit to themselves and their sports.
    As you say, they never complain, just get on with it and in a way they have a good job, funded by Lottery and have shown they have made the best of their situation. It’s heart-warming to see.

  3. Love that, David. And it reminds me of the article in a newspaper today by Martin Samuel. He said, ‘those who think the Olympics made Britain great just don’t get it. It is Britain who made the Olympics great.’

  4. There really is nothing wrong with any of us when it comes to making things happen.
    If we want to make something work, it’s possible.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with me. I try to live every day by doing something new.
    If you don;t try you don’t succeed.

  6. So heartwarming to see the ceremony yesterday and to watch as the Olympians were taking pictures of the crow.
    Such humility.
    Imagine if we won the World Cup, would the footballers be so keen on taking pictures to commemorate the event. Me thinks not.
    That is the difference.
    We will never experience sport like it again.

  7. There is nothing wrong with me. I have something wrong with me but refuse to let people know what it is and my affliction does not hinder me in any way.
    I don’t feel intimidated in any way because i am hiding my problem.
    I could come out and say what it is but then people, including family members would view me differently and hand out sympathy which I don’t need.
    So, no, there is nothing wrong with me.

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