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There is only what works…

There is only what works…

Naked Leader Week – 323 – Monday 31 August 2009

There is only what works…

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And what does not

We can receive all of the guidance there is to receive, we can read all the books that are in print and online, we can check out the trillions of data on millions of web-sites.

The bottom line is this – when we take action, it either takes us closer to where we want to go, or it takes us further away

The more I have written and spoken about it, the more important it has become.

And the more it has become such a simple truth

Actions either work, for me, for you, or they don’t – and what works for you may not be the same that works for me, or someone else

So, please, take ownership at the deepest, simplest and bravest level:

If you worry, does worrying work for you? – if so, worry away – if not – do something different

As a team, does backstabbing work for you all? – if so, backstab away – if not – do something different

Action, flexibility, and persistence, don’t just belong to the brave – they belong to the successful

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