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Thought For The Week

GET paid. Unless and until you get paid you have not made a sale.

A true ‘sale’ is not a lead, a meeting, the signing of a contract, the carrying out of work or the follow-up meetings. A true ‘sale’ only happens when you get paid.

As the character Rod Tidwell says in the film Jerry Maguire, by Cameron Crowe, ‘Show me the money.’

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

2 Responses to Thought For The Week

  1. I enjoyed the Jerry Maguire film and it is a great line.It workks for me too. getting paid is the main thing. I had a friend who reckoned he had a million pound turnover but actually that was only the amount that had been invoiced. He was let down by two of the debtors who owed him money and ended up forfeiting a large amount of that cash. So getting paid is the way to success, not thinking you have been paid just because you think you have made a sale.

  2. That's why retailers have it so good. They receive the cash there and then. Wheras manufacturers and the like have to rely on invoicing and obtaining money by 1,3 or 6 months credit. That's what makes business hard and it's easy to say I have made a sale when a contract is signed because actually, it has been made, technically. Although I accept that getting the money off people is the be all and end all. And it keeps you sane!

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