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Thought For The Week

LIKE it or not, much of our time, and energy, is spent in company meetings. We can make of these what we will.

Treat them as a waste of time and that is what they will become. Use them to pass the time, and that is what they will do. However, utilise them to better understand your peers and organisation, and to build rapport, and the time will not be wasted. It will be an investment – with some fun thrown in as well.

3 Responses to Thought For The Week

  1. Hate meetings, with a passion and think that they get in the way of production more than anything else.
    I know a bank manager who has to have three meetings a day with his boss to talk about what he has sold when it is detracting from his job of selling!
    It’s crazy.
    ‘What have sold today John?’
    ‘Well boss, I’ve sold five products although if I hadn’t been with you in the first two meetings wasting an hour i reckon i could have doubled that.’

  2. Meetings can be a real bore. We seem to have them at our company because it’s the done thing.
    Why can’t they just see that sometimes, they are not needed on a regular basis, unless there is something to say.

  3. Can’t say that meetings happen where i am. We talk about things in an uncomplicated , relaxed and informal way rather than have formal meetings.
    Works better that way.

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