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Top 6 profit* priorities of leaders around the world

Top 6 profit* priorities of leaders around the world

Time to Read: 10 Seconds for each priority

Top 6 profit* priorities of leaders around the world

* For not for profit organisations, read profit as surplus of income over expenditure

Part 2 – In Part 1, last week, I focused on people priorities.


6  Value of Company – “What is the fastest way to increase the value/share price of our company?” – Top Tip – Identify and focus on the 10% of your activities which bring in 90% of your value.

5  IT Packages – “How do we realise the full benefits from the money we have already invested?” Top Tip – Never modify a purchased package – modify your processes and most importantly, behaviour.

4  Priorities – “How can we get people to put the organisation’s priorities above their own and those of their function?” Top Tip – You can’t! – All three must be aligned and as one.

3  Commercial – “How can we make and save more money, know how to financially measure more and remove the word intangible?” Top Tip – Hold your leaders accountable for accountables.

2  Customers – “How do we win more customers/clients at the right value, get them to really like us and be loyal?” Top Tip – Sell, without selling – build trusted relationships instead, especially informal ones.

1  Projects – “How do we reduce the number so we are more focused on a few – and how can we ensure all projects are delivered, every time?”  Top Tip – Request our one pager!

Priorities based on conversations with CEOs, blogs/articles, enquiries to us and work with our client partners.

If you need help with any of these actions or the 1 pager on projects please email

With my love and best wishes to you all

David X

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  1. Bringing in that margin having focused on what makes your business the most money is key.
    It needs a great deal of analysis and retrospective thinking to pinpoint what that main 10% of the business is making the most money but worth it.
    It’s a bit like a cycle team time trial though. You do also need to be as good as your last rider, so important to pick up those areas that are not performing so well.

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