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Naked Leader Week – 145 (w/c Monday 27 February 2006)

Uniting Beyond Nations – please send on to those whose lives you touch

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 Like it or not, admit it or not, indeed, believe it or not, our relationship with money is absolutely critical to our success in life. I say “relationship with” deliberately, meaning three aspects – what we think when we here the word, what we perceive money to be, and of course how much money we have at any one time.

I remember walking out of a well paid job and career to start on my present journey. Looking back it was one of the craziest decisions I ever made – never having been out of the corporate world before, and having a house and family to “support.” However, while I would never recommend anyone does this now – I always suggest people prepare for an entrepreneurial life before they give up what they have – it did put me in an interesting position. One in which I simply had to make money.

If I had been single with no commitments I am not sure to this day whether I would have had the same urgency, or success, that I have.

Rosalind and I sat down and worked out how much we “had” to earn each month – our absolute minimum. And very soon that was the amount we were making, and we continued to make, until we chose a different attitude to money. That choice came during a conversation with a successful entrepreneur, who shared her thoughts to me about money. I remember saying, “well of course, money is not important” and she said, “Anyone who has ever said that has never had to live without any.”

And so my attitude changed, as I realised that money is simply an energy that we human beings have invented to demonstrate value between us. Since that conversation we have had months where we have done “well” with that energy, and others where we have done “badly.” Indeed, we have known what it is like to have no money and been up against it, and I am now convinced that if we had not experienced that, we would never experience the opposite.

A very good friend of mine, Richard Parks Cordock, has interviewed stunning list of successful entrepreneurs to find out their “secrets” to success and has published these as a CD set of his interviews – check it out at (Stephen, please put in a link from us to this as we had it on the shop that makes us money – Richard’s site is but we want the link that makes money for us)

Now, Richard has published the source of his own adventure, a conversation with Sir Richard Branson – (Stephen, please put in an Amazon link from naked leader to Millionaire Upgrade book by Richard so we get earnings for every book that people buy from this link)

What is your relationship with money?

It goes something like this. At an entrepreneurial seminar, a fellow delegate said to the speaker after the event – “I wish I could do what you do” – to which the speaker replied – “Why don’t you, then?” And then the words came out – one on top of the other:

 “I’d love to but I couldn’t because I have a well paid job and a lovely family and I’d lose my earnings and my career and my family and our house and be divorced and I’d be alone and then I’d be on the street and then I’d be desperate and have nothing to live for.”

 It’s always around fifty words depending on how low the low point – I call it the “I’d be” paragraph of destruction – fifteen seconds from dream to despair while standing on the same spot.

 With love – in whatever currency you will accept it




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