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Uniting Beyond Nations – please send on to those whose lives you touch

Naked Leader Week – 141 (w/c Monday 30 January 2006)

Uniting Beyond Nations – please send on to those whose lives you touch

(If everyone sends to just 3 people it will reach 100,000 people in over 200 countries)*

 In Athens, I had the great honour to share a platform with some of the top motivational speakers in the world, including Michael Breen. Needless to say, they had inspired the global audience of 150 business leaders to the rooftops. When I stood up to do my workshop session, I asked the room how they felt? People responded pretty much according to culture – the South Americans yelled and screamed, the Italians and South Africans clapped and shouted, and the Europeans nodded politely and smiled. I asked them how much they were inspired – from zero to ten – the average in that room was 12! It was an energy, a hothouse of power. And so the next words I said rather surprised the audience:

 Inspired to do what? I asked

 Silence. The energy and motivation stayed where it was, it did not leave the room, it just sat there, waiting, as inspiration always does – waiting for a focus, a direction, and action, on which to apply its power.

Inspired to do what?

 So, please, write down the three things you are going to achieve this week – one for yourself, one for someone whose life you touch, and one for your organisation.

With great strength and belief in your actions, and the people who you will touch this week




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