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Welcome to The Next Business Age – The Leadership Economy

Naked Leader Week – 75 – Monday 4 October 2004

Welcome to The Next Business Age – The Leadership Economy

Many people who read The Naked Leader asked me what I was personally going to do, to make a positive difference and to reinvent consultancy. It’s taken awhile, but on Tuesday 4th October I will be unveiling The Next Business Age.

This is a one page summary – the full article can be downloaded here (Stephen) and the Blueprint for the next business age – the route map for all organisations, will be available from Monday 11 October at


Our Biggest Challenge

Over the last 20 years we have spent billions of global currencies on training, consultancy and so-called change initiatives and yet the vast majority of organisations have at best stood completely still, and most people remain unfulfilled.

Enough is Enough

We need to move beyond The Information Age – the knowledge economy has not served us well, and not delivered real, sustainable value for our stakeholders, our companies, and our world.

We have plenty of knowledge, data and information, far more than we know what to do with. And by itself knowledge is nothing – our success comes down to:

Whether we choose to do anything with it

What we choose to do with it

Why we choose to do what we do

What has The Information Age delivered?

 Cash over Cause

Confusion over Clarity

Change over Choice

There is another way

 At its very heart lie the natural gifts, talent and potential you and your people already have. If we want the future to be different from the past, we have to do different things, think in a different way, and be different.

 The next big thing is people…

Our challenge is that people are waiting for the next big thing. We must wait no more.

Welcome to The Next Business Age – The Leadership Economy, when we awaken the leaders within – unlocking the natural talent in your people, teams and organisation.

People and Passion over Process and Procedure – The Choice Programme

 It is time to Reinvent our organisations, awaken the leaders within, and take control of your own future, before someone else does. To be a next business great, put:

Cause over Cash

Clarity over Confusion

Choice over Change

Our Future can be different

In the past we have focused on recruiting people based on their technical skills…

It is time to recruit them on the basis of their attitudes, and personalities

In the past we have focused on what is wrong with people…

It is time to focus on what is right with people,

In the past we have allowed too many others to control our futures…

It is time to take control of, and shape, our own destinies

 And when does This Next Business Age begin?

 Whenever we so choose


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