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What’s your Ipad button?

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What’s your Ipad button?

For me, the most fantastic thing about the Ipad is not its screen, or its versatility, or even its apps.

It’s that single button.

It is now the stuff of legend that Steve Jobs insisted on just one button and how long it took to make happen – especially from “we’ve got it down to three” to arriving at the one. Not surprising, when one considers all of the PC / laptop complexity / technology / user guides that went before it.

To deliver such a wow, unique, pressable button.

And here’s the really weird thing –  I have absolutely no idea exactly what it does, or how it works, only that each time I press, it does exactly what I want it to do, and everything is suddenly ok with the world.

Goodbye technical complexity, hello cathartic simplicity.

So, what, who, or when is your Ipad button equivalent, in real life?

Is it a what? – Bobby Fisher used to say that he only ever found peace when he was playing chess – and only playing chess (perhaps that is what’s called being in the “zone”).

Is it a who? – You are very lucky in your life if you have someone who makes you feel as good as that button (make sure you tell them you love them as much as your Ipad button!).

Is it a when? – Your wedding day, a wonderful concert, a fantastic holiday (and the memories of each).

What’s your Ipad button?

With my love and best wishes



19 Responses to What’s your Ipad button?

  1. Well I can see I will have to come to you for some lessons on my I-pad!! So far it crashes for a past time, it gives me websites I have no need of nor have not asked for, it tries to charge me ten times as much for a flight that I got for ten times the price (Cheaper) on my PC (with BA by the way and not one of the ‘Budget’ airlines) and it just will not pick up email at various times!! I have to say I have given up using it and gone back to my trusted PC!!! Much easier and much more reliable!
    And I’m really sorry but there is nothing in my life that I can say is my I-pad ‘moment’. If my life was as unreliable and unbearable as that machine I would have given up a long time ago!! And ‘that button’ certainly does not do what I want it to!

    • Well, sounds like your ipad gives you moments of absolute despair! So, who or what in your life makes you feel…no, best not go there. My advice – return it to the apple shop…soonest. Thanks for sharing! David

  2. The simplicity of the Ipad button is awesome, the best design is always this way. It takes guts to simply over and over with the end result never revealing the hours of thinking, redesign, heated argument, stubbornmindedness, creativity and innovation. Just a beautiful synesthetic button…the language of a ten year old…that broke the likes of Sony, Nokia and Blackberry.

  3. Another gadget everyone seems to be getting.
    one day they will invent one where there is nothing to press at all.
    We will all just stare at something for it to work or something like that.
    Today’s news will soon be old news.

  4. @Maureen: I am reminded of the words of award-winning copywriter Jonathan Gabay who said: “Nobody cares that this button is red, that is just a feature. But the fact that it could save my life if I press it in an emergency is a benefit.”

  5. I meant the button on the ipad, David, sorry.
    My mother has an emergency button for when things get a bit hairy for her as she has had a stroke.
    I can understand that.
    Just wondered what the ipad button did and why so special.

    • Hi Maureen – the Ipad has one single button that when pressed it seems to do what you need it to do, every time. The reason I love it is as much to do with Steve Jobs’s dogged determination to make it so simple, as anything else. When I was given an Ipad for my birthday I groaned – I would have to charge the battery, read the user guide, etc. etc. No – the instructions basically say. Press button, enjoy. David

  6. My iPad button is moment of sheer joy that I have on those days when I’m working locally & I go running on the beach. When I get to the top of Tunny Cliff I stand on the edge and recite the ‘7 givens’ while watching the sun rise out of the sea like a big red magic balloon. That’s my iPad moment & I have the Naked Leader to thank for inspiring me.

  7. Anything that is that simple is great.
    If only the world operated in such a way, just one touch of a button fits all.

  8. Simple is as simple does as my mother used to say.
    Love the Ipad, great invention, fantastic in terms of its user friendliness.

    • Proving people wrong, when they have said something negative about you, is most satisfying, I find it a driver!

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