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When is a Belief, a Fact?

Naked Leader Week – 243 – Monday 4 February 2008

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When is a Belief, a Fact?

Yes, last week I became embroiled in one of those really deep, after-dinner conversations – you know the kind – when a group of friends start to discuss really small concepts such as truth, or the meaning of life, or the definition of such words as belief, and fact.

It was partly my fault, of course – I say of course because I was party to the conversation, not because everything is always partly my fault – as whenever someone makes a statement of self-limitation, I will more often than not ask them a simple question:

“Of course, you have to have money saved up before you can start your own company” He said

 “Is that a fact, or a belief?” I asked in response, proving that I am indeed the most boring dinner guest on this planet

 “A fact”

 “That would mean that everyone in the world agrees with you – otherwise it is surely a belief,” I ventured


And then we went down the facts, belief and definitions dead-end – just the sort of road I was counselling against two weeks ago with management and leadership (link to nlweek 241).

Physician, heal thyself.

So, was I right with my definition of a fact – that it is only a fact if everyone believes it – or was that in itself just my belief?

And what has this to do with success? Everything, because it is to do with what you believe, and you will only ever take action, achieve results and make your ambitions come true, based on what you believe.

So, what do you conclude, or believe?

Whatever it is, make sure it serves you (and your loved ones, your team and your organisation).

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