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When The Tough Get Going

FOR some people the only way is Essex. However, for entrepreneurial thinkers out there, it’s more a case of the only way is up.

The Government’s plans to support small and medium-sized businesses through a new funds package will help, while Global Entrepreneurship has been celebrated in a series of events aimed at highlighting the importance of those visionaries among us while encouraging people to start their own ventures.

The crucial role that women can play has been acknowledged too with mentoring schemes now available for a woman wanting to start their own business. Bold thinkers are needed to boost the economy and create jobs and there could not be a better time to tap into the assistance that is on offer, and go for it!

More good news is the fact small and medium enterprises are said to be faring better now than they were six months ago, despite the dire economic outlook. Staff numbers are being increased in some sectors while the number of firms cutting workers has fallen.Of course there are still financial challenges facing all of us, especially in the UK. It is not all doom and gloom though. In fact you could be just the person to help the economy boom again. Got an idea? Then what’s stopping you? Start off on your own economy drive!

3 Responses to When The Tough Get Going

  1. There is every reason to believe there is a chance for people out there providing they are prepared to give it a shot.
    I did it. I broke away from an employer because it wasn’t working.
    People who have been made redundant especially have a great chance to make it on their own because they have financial backing, from themselves.
    My advice is to go for it.

  2. Hardly the point of the article which I think is thought-provoking for those of us who think we have it in us to be a leader, rather than a follower.

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