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When we believe something to be true

When we believe something to be true

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When we believe something to be true…


We see the world in that way – as if it was true.

This is not theory, this is how we are as human beings – when we believe something with our conscious mind, our subconscious mind makes it true, and it does it straight away.

And our beliefs are our choice, and ours alone.

Choose to apply this in any or all of the following, for 7 days in a row, and see the results:

1. Memory

Do you believe you have a good memory?

If you answered ‘yes’ you probably did so because you remember things.

And if you answered ‘no’ you have probably forgotten the question by now.

Isn’t it fascinating?

People who believe they have a good memory, remember things.

Or, put another way:

People who choose to believe that they have a good memory, remember things.

And it has to be choice – what else can it be?

2. Ideas

Have you noticed that those people who believe that there are such things as new ideas, have new ideas, while those that don’t believe there is any such thing as a new idea, don’t.

3. Luck

Same as 1 and 2…

It took me many years to discover the power of beliefs, as they lead to our behaviours and that in turn leads to our outcomes.

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  1. That really is fascinating. great spin on how we can manipulate the way we are thinking by being positive.

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