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Who Am I?

Naked Leader Week – 282 – Monday 17 November 2008

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Who Am I?

  • born Stevenage, January 7, 1985
  • Parents separated when he was two and he lived with his mother and half-sisters
  • At age of ten knew what he wanted to achieve and told people – he wanted to enter one of the most competitive sports in the world, and become its champion
  • At twelve, he started living with his father, stepmother Linda and another half-brother Nicholas who has cerebral palsy
  • His father would work in three jobs at once to support his son’s determined decision made at ten
  • Frequently told he wouldn’t achieve it
  • Being of mixed-race (black father, white mother) had to frequently endure

Bullying, racism, and even threats on his life

  • On Sunday 2 November 2008, aged 23, became the youngest ever Formula One World Champion, securing the title race on one of the final bends, on the final lap


And ask yourself – if he can do that, what can I do?




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