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Why Change Programmes fail, every time…

Why Change Programmes fail, every time…

Naked Leader Week – 267 – Monday 21 July 2008

Why Change Programmes fail, every time…

The Question…

“How do we ensure we avoid repeating the same mistakes, we made,

last time we hit a cold economic climate?

 The heading answered…

Because change by itself is irrelevant – for three main reasons:

  1. Boredom – be honest, wouldn’t you rather have deep root canal surgery at the dentist – without anaesthetic – than read another manual on Total Quality Management?


  1. Irrelevance – Change happens all the time – it is indeed, the “norm,” so saying we must change is like saying we must breathe.


  1. Understanding – The word is so general, and over-used, it means nothing out of context.

And running through and across each of these, is the answer.


It is the choices we make, in each and every moment that decides our future success.

Why is Choice so powerful?

Let’s make this personal

From the moment you were born, until the moment you die, you will only ever do your best at anything for one reason. And one reason alone, because you want to – because you choose to

So, this week – within the third part of the formula for guaranteed success – Know what you have to do, to get to where you want to go:

 Put Choice over Change         

 (Irony – Organisations will at last deliver the changes they have always wanted)

  • Organisations don’t change, people do, and no-one has any true hold over anyone else. The paradox is that the only way to ‘control’ your people is to set them free. It is time to choose from within, not change from without.
  • Be free of any and all external dependence. Awaken the ideas, energy and personalities of your people.
  • There are no ‘answers’ anymore – simply adopting ‘best practice’ doesn’t work because what works in one organisation may not work in another. So it comes down to the choices we make, and whether we are brave enough to take action.

OK – so, what are you, personally, now going to do?

Something, or nothing?

Next week – the C word that I haven’t even mentioned yet…

With my love and best wishes




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