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Why Ruma loves herself

Naked Leader Week 849 – 25 October 2019

Time to Read: 3 minutes 

For this month’s Leader Feature Clive speaks with Ruma Parvin, A young lady who has come through many hardships and has learnt to love herself and promotes love, hope and understanding, rather than spending energy on negativity towards those who have wronged her.

BE ready to connect with Ruma Parvin, a leader who wastes no time and speaks directly to your soul.

Her quirky analysis of your intentions, character and whole life may have you in tears, or laughter. Either way, in true Naked Leader spirit, after meeting her you will leave feeling motivated, inspired and hopeful.

A relatable and engaging character, Ruma is a 30-year-old British Bangladeshi woman, self-employed, an active volunteer, a divorcee, and a warrior.

If Ruma had to be confined to three words, those words would be understanding, resilience, and hope, while she is a creative soul and confinement is not her home.

“I see the world as a playground,’ she says. ‘As an involving entrepreneur, I make it my business to explore, learn and share.

‘My time, energy and focus go towards innovation, education and supporting others.’

Ruma is an advocate for the youth and the vulnerable which is demonstrated through her role as a Young Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust. She is also a core member and leader at The Sunday Circle (youth club), based in Kingston.

She is a Speaker for Faith and Belief Forum, educating students by sharing her beliefs and experience as a Muslim woman, and indirectly tackling Islamophobia, while encouraging love, hope and understanding.

‘Being I’m a creative person and unconfined soul, I participate in several exciting projects, simultaneously,’ she adds. ‘This is primarily because I realised early in my life that with the labels and pre-judgements placed on me by other people and the media, I would need to work harder, or differently, to be offered the same or similar opportunities in life, which I see my peers, those with different labels, receive.

‘And I am determined. I use my love and connection to my creator as a means to keep my spirit afloat and flourish with the support of those who believe and trust in me to overcome any challenges I face.

‘Some of my biggest challenges have been, and are, coping with abuse, sexism, Islamophobia, modern enslavement, clinical depression and other people’s expectations of me.’

Those experiences have shaped her to be a self-styled warrior, with a sincere heart.

Ruma spent much of her working life as a midwife, providing individualised care to meet the needs of women and their families. She also spent time in Greece as a clinical manager working for an NGO (Kitrinos Healthcare), provide primary healthcare services to refugees.

Ruma believes her jobs or roles are an extension of her character and therefore seeks to work on projects that are in line with her core principles – honesty, transparency acceptance, compassion and reliability.

‘My biggest life lesson took her a long time to learn, however, I got there eventually, at the ripe age of 29,’ she says.

‘That lesson was the importance of self love and care. But more importantly, how to implement it. This has become my biggest motivation to help others.

‘I believe in the importance of self-development and truly liking who you are.

‘I believe it will give you the courage to stand up for yourself, because you understand your values, and truly believe in your worth.’

That Naked Leader ethos strikes a chord too as she adds: ‘The best way to be successful is by being yourself. The power you get from liking, respecting and being yourself will not allow other people’s opinions to define who you are and what you are capable of achieving.’

David Taylor adds: ‘I met Ruma at one of Naked Leader’s Young Ambassador events. The Prince’s Trust  helps young people who have endured extreme hardships in their lives.

‘Ruma is finding peace with herself by helping others – she is a true and total inspiration to everyone in Naked Leader and everyone who meets her.’

My thanks to Ruma and Clive for sharing these inspirational lessons.

With my love and best wishes


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