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Your future – take it or lead it?

Your future – take it or lead it?

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Your future – take it or lead it?
A cautionary tale

Once upon a time there was a company. This company sold people an evening out at home. People headed to their local store to choose a film to watch and buy the popcorn and sweets to entertain themselves with a movie ‘night in’.

They were also investing in an additional internet service. Then, they were doing so well having so much growth in the stores, that the CEO made a decision, a single decision, not to merge with a competitor. A competitor which, at that time, was struggling to make profit from customers downloading videos. And, for good measure he decided to pull out of their internet investment.

The rest is history… hmm sounds a bit like what happened to Blockbuster and Netflix.

Do you know what lies ahead for you, your leaders and your organisation and how to make the most of it?

Oh… if only we knew what was going to happen next!

Do you believe that, whatever happens next, you can show leadership by choosing how you react to these events? And that you can lead your future rather than just taking, accepting what you’re given and being a victim of circumstance at worst or perhaps a lucky passive recipient at best.

I believe we must all find out what the future may hold – gain an insight into the possibilities and, knowing that to be in a better position to make wise choices to shape our destiny.

Maybe, you need a light to show the way ahead, to give you options to consider and some tools to make the right decisions.

So, at this year’s conference there’s a variety of award winning speakers with a passion for sharing information. You’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge and be able take positive action for a better future for us all. And…

You’ll know what’s going to happen next, because you’ll be equipped to make it happen!

Will you be one of the 27, or not?

More about the conference and booking HERE

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6 Responses to Your future – take it or lead it?

  1. With so much always being said about being in the moment, live for today, today could be your last, you could miss changes/decisions that need to be made to make tomorrow better.
    It’s crucial for an organisation to be aware of what’s happening right now and of those things what is going to effect them in the future.

  2. I agree, so many people stand still in business and that can lead to companies getting caught up and overtaken by rivals.
    It’s important to be aware of just what it is you want to achieve, that strategy which is vital.

  3. Sometimes you have to have your mind open to the bigger deal and go with that, before it’s too late.
    Used to do the very same at Blockbusters!

  4. Yes, used to love Blockbuster, but in the end the times overtook the business model and that was that.
    Seeing the list of the speakers is quite impressive.
    A wealth of knowledge to be taken away in a day packed with business ideas and a variety experts in their field.

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