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Your one week science experiment

Your one week science experiment

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Your one week science experiment

If you have any self-doubt, and you wish you hadn’t, do this.

Suspend it for one week – and see what happens. You can always bring it on again, afterwards.

Of course you have to do this totally – 100%.

How? Simply decide to act as-if you have total self-belief and high self-esteem – i.e. pretend to, for just one week.

The fundamental principle of science itself is that there is only what works and what does not on a repeatable basis and the only way to discover what works is to do something and see the results.

So, for one week only:

Believe in yourself 100%

Then get on with life

And, as a scientist would say, see what happens

If you have a happier week, extend the experiment for longer – 2 weeks, a month or for life.

If not, unsuspend!

With my love and best wishes.


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