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Your Personality – Your Choice

Your Personality – Your Choice

Naked Leader Week – 344 – Monday 25 January 2010

Your Personality – Your Choice

Time to Read – 3 minutes if you are an ITDW, 10 if you are an ERQV

Personality/Team member type questionnaires are only taking a snapshot at a single point in time in your life. If they conclude that you are, say, an introvert, that is only how you feel at that moment and you can choose to change. Otherwise a test you do at age five will give you exactly the same results at age twenty, which is clearly not the case. Your learning, experience and conditioning between five and twenty will lead to a different result.

The danger is when we believe we are a natural ‘whatever’ type and that we can do nothing about it. After making this discovery, we revert to type, and start to behave accordingly. Then we can use the results of the Personality Test as an excuse for our behaviour – after all it is not under our own control.

We may even judge the quality of our relationships based on our results compared to theirs. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? Imagine a child saying to you they are worried about going to play with a friend because “he is a PTUI personality and because I am an HJQP I don’t think we are going to get on.”

Personality is a matter of choice, not a matter of birth.

What do you think?

With my love

David (type FJKP!)


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