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Your Proverb – Your Choice

Your Proverb – Your Choice

Naked Leader Week 817 – 15 April 2019

Time to Read: 42 Seconds

Your Proverb – Your Choice

One thing on which I think we can all agree.

In this world full of endless advice, guidance and people telling us what to do…there is only what works, and what does not – actions that move you closer to your outcome, and those that don’t.


For me, this is beautifully illustrated when people quote a proverb to back up their belief, opinion or proposed course of action, when of course, almost every proverb has its opposite:

  • Should we look before we leap, or is (s)he who hesitates lost?
  • Do many hands make light work, or too many cooks spoil the broth?
  • Is out of sight out of mind, or does absence make the heart grow fonder?

And many many more click here to see more

So now when someone quotes a proverb, you can have great fun by quoting back the opposite – like proverbial tennis.

And after the game is over, win or lose, do something, and see if it works…

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