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Your Stress Level – Your Choice

Your Stress Level – Your Choice

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Your Stress Level – Your Choice

1. You are sitting at traffic lights waiting for them to turn green. On red and Amber the car to your right accelerates away and cuts across in front of you. Do you:

A) Shout, swear or even accelerate after them – after all, they have invaded your personal space


B) Calmly wait and move forwards?

2. You receive a nasty, lengthy email that says your team are totally useless, and clearly you are not much better – Kind Regards

A) Immediately reply in defensive, attacking, how dare you mode and press ‘send’ with a smile of revengeful satisfaction?


B) Reply ‘Thank You’.

3. You are on a crowded train platform waiting for a train that you catch every day. You, and only you, know where the last door in the final carriage stops and so you boldly walk towards the position and stand there on your ‘proud, know it all, just wait until you all see what happens next’ spot. The train pulls in and the last carriage goes straight on by you…


B) Walk down the platform and get on the train
Ed – ‘That’s enough of this obvious and rather pointless quiz David

Me – ‘Oh I’ve got lots more where these came from, and it’s not pointless, the point is…

Ed – Yes, yes, I get it and so will the reader

Me – It’s my blog, not yoursEd – And I’m the Editor…
…I’m sure David would, at this point, send his love and best wishes to your all!

Kind regards

The Editor

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12 Responses to Your Stress Level – Your Choice

  1. David and Ed, Great post and when its about me I am totally green thank you and calm. When I am confronted with an unfair comment about my team the red mist decends…. thoughts ?

    • Hi Claire hope you are well and sorry for the late response – easy to say and hard to do, we always, always have total and absolute control over how we respond. My simple – and tough – advice would be – don’t judge, only notice. Let me know what you are next over in UK Claire David x

  2. I’d like to say ‘calm’ David. But not always. Must learn to mellow. For the sake of a few yards on the road, is it really worth it?

  3. Great post David and reminds me why we should never hit children. Your stress levels will determine how you are feeling and your child may do something one day, then the same thing the next day, and YOU might react differently because of how you are feeling!
    That’s not on.
    So it’s important to recognize this.

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