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3 leadership lessons from Gareth Southgate

3 leadership lessons from Gareth Southgate

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3 leadership lessons from Gareth Southgate

Football did indeed came home

Gareth and his team healed the many year disconnect between country and team. He did it by showing his passion and emotion, by talking to each and every fan through the camera and all media, and most importantly by ensuring his team were exemplary in their behaviour 24/7, on and offline. In short, he gave his country hope, inspiration and anticipation for the future.

2. Giving their all for their country

This is a young team that had rarely played together before. Their mutual trust, respect and support for each other was total. Yes, they couldn’t cope with Croatia’s resurgence in the second half of their semi-final, but what it meant to them to lose was plain for all to see.

3. He let the players be themselves on the pitch

In classic Naked Leader Fried Egg application he painted the overall framework he wanted (Yolk), and gave each player freedom within it (White). And that is the only way for organisations to control their people – by setting them free, within wide guidelines.

And a special mention for Japan

After losing through a last gasp winner to Belgium, they cleaned their dressing room until it was spotless, left a thank you note to the organisers and a well done letter to their opponents, all while their fans stayed behind, black bags in hand, cleaning the stadium seat by seat, row by row.

With my love and my best wishes to you all

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