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Checklist for whether your leader is a #force4good

Checklist for whether your leader is a #force4good

Time to assess your Leader: Only you can answer thatchecklistChecklist for whether your leader is a #force4good

In the light of business, political and global corruption, it is time to hold our leaders to account for what they say and do.

I believe leadership is about Truth, Trust and Transparency, or it is not leadership at all. Here is a checklist to hold our business, political and community leaders to account.

Checklist for leaders being a #force4good – Truth, Trust and Transparency

Truth, Trust and Transparency – Does your Leader
Pass the acid test of leadership – stripped of their position, power and traits of office, would they still get the very best from the people that they lead?  cross_20 tick_orng_20
Always tell the truth (if they can’t, then they say why).  cross_20 tick_orng_20
Stand for something that is bigger than themselves and as a Force for Good (#force4good).  cross_20 tick_orng_20
Always keep their word (or they don’t give it).  cross_20 tick_orng_20
Give people hope, freedom and inspiration.  cross_20 tick_orng_20
Always use clear, simple language that is understandable by all.  cross_20 tick_orng_20
Behave openly, what you see is what you get.  cross_20 tick_orng_20

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10 Responses to Checklist for whether your leader is a #force4good

  1. As usual David you hit the nail square on the head. I agree with all the points and try to work in their spirit. Will continue to follow you. Thanks.
    Jim Tranter

    • Right on the button, David, as always. Why do people over complicate what is basically simple and straightforward? Love Naomi

  2. Trust and honesty, surely they are the least you demand from any boss.
    Without having the respect of your leaders and business owners there is little substance to the relationship and your customers will be let down more often than not.

  3. The hope, freedom and inspiration. Many leaders wouldn’t even know where to start with those things, but they are a great starter.

  4. This does not look like check list for #force4good to me, sorry.

    The only two elements I see here that would qualify are;
    – “Stands for something bigger than themselves” and
    – “give people freedom and inspiration”.
    From the second quote I on purpose excluded “hope” as hope is not a good word in my books, it’s false positive. “Hope is an attachment to future that is already perfect.” Hope is deceptive! It’s not going to be perfect. It’s going to be hard work, many obstacles and set backs. Don’t hope that it’s going to be OK. Work hard to make sure you do all you can to make it the best you can and still – it might not be OK.
    Going back to the rest of the checklist – that’s just check list to see if leader is a good person!
    Force for good would be;
    – stands for something bigger ten themselves
    – ego-less, puts others first and above
    – cares, inspire, supports.
    – gets the best out of anything!

    Truth, trust and transparency are just qualities of person who does not have to be #force4good. We all have to tell the truth (which makes as transparent) in order to gain others trust! Business or personal life. That does not make anybody #force4good though. It just makes them trustworthy humans.

    • Thank you again David (I have already responded by Linked In) – we agree on some – cares, inspire, supports. Gets the best out of anything! and differ on others – truth, trust and transparency are the 3 keys for me, not for you. People cannot be ‘ego-less’ they will always put themselves first – nature and nurture – subconsciously if not consciously. “we all have to tell the truth” – New Scientist reckon that the average human being tells at least 12 lies as day. Authentic is the way that people crave to be, naked is the way that we already are. Thank you David, alternative comments and debate are always welcome, and at the end of the day it comes down to doing something and seeing if it works. David x

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