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Don’t ‘change’ your life – do this instead…

Don’t ‘change’ your life – do this instead…

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Choose your life

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

As stated by a very famous professor


I can imagine many of you saying, but is it simply possible to choose to remove phobias, worries and fears etc?

Indeed, and we have proved it.

Thanks to months of preparation, a dedicated media team and most of all six very brave individual human beings, we have demonstrated that massive life choices – and the changes that follow – are totally possible in anyone.

Including you.

As long as you want the new outcome.

Since May, we have helped six amazing people and featured them on Naked Leader TV. And this week Naked Leader TV starts to feature their follow ups in our series How To Choose Your Life.

And there is nothing hidden, no trickery or sleight of hand – we are broadcasting it all, with the sole purpose of sharing tools, how-tos and techniques that you can apply in your life – in private, for yourself or for those whose lives you touch, any time you choose.

In order of being broadcast:

Russell – Phobia of Motorway Driving.

Key Point – People are more likely to choose to change their behaviour when it is at an extreme. Russell hadn’t driven on a motorway for over 17 years – far simpler than if it was an occasional thing.

Rahina – Being her own best friend.

Key Point – No-one will ever truly love you until you truly love yourself.

Amy – Overcoming a total fear of speaking in public.

Key Point – Separate the ‘What’ from the ‘How’ – I got Amy thinking about speaking in public in her imagination first – as a what. And of course, the mind can’t tell the difference between something we imagine, and something that happens in reality. Just 3 days later Amy spoke to Prince’s Trust Young Ambassadors.

Paul – Fear of fear itself.

Key Point – Paul’s fear manifested itself as a white visor coming over his head from behind and locking his mind. I asked him his favourite colour, he said he loved purple, so we replaced the visor to purple. Now it helped him, not harmed him.

Patrick – Quietening that internal – infernal voice.

Key Point – It’s OK. It’s always OK. Except when it’s not. And that’s OK as well. That alone ensures that Patrick sleeps well at night, something he had not done in years.

Ayoola – Making peace with an horrendous past.

Key Point – When listening and helping people, and they are as strong, persistent and also, as vulnerable as Ayoola, let them dictate what happens, how and when, and use more subtle techniques to help.

I very much hope that you will be able to choose your life, by using one or more of the techniques we share in the series.

With my love and best wishes to Russell, Rahina, Amy, Paul, Patrick and Ayoola, and of course to you, for reading this far.


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  1. This is simple but inspirational stuff… it’s certainly given me food for thought in how I can combat similar challenges. I’ve also passed it on to a few friends who will also benefit

  2. Incredibly emotional some of those too, really great that people can come out of themselves in some sort of healing process, just by talking about something.

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