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Good News is not just for Christmas…

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I recently spoke at an event for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR, above), a shining example of a British based, world-class company. Recently it was announced JLR is to take on more than 1,000 production staff at a plant in the West Midlands.

I had no idea until I spent time with them how successful they are these days. It got me thinking – there actually IS so much good news in business and we RARELY get to hear about it.

Indeed, there are also many people choosing to help others less fortunate than themselves – through volunteering, charities and simple acts of kindness. We don’t hear enough about these either.

It is easy to blame the media, so that is what I will do.

Ten years ago BBC Radio 4 broadcast 80% of uplifting news, 20% negative and those figures are reversed today (@antjam60)

And, witness evidence presented to The Leveson Inquiry.


Actually, hang on – these days WE are the media, with our social media, blogs and email newsletters, and so it’s up to us:

To champion people who make a positive difference in the lives of others

To celebrate new entrepreneurs

To communicate good news about organisations who are a success, the world over

Please, talk, Tweet or Facebook about one of these today

With my love and best wishes to you all


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12 Responses to Good News is not just for Christmas…

  1. I agree entirely with the sentiments expresses about the imbalance between reporting of postive and negative news stories today. We have made a conscious effort to publicise good news among the staff and residents we serve at A2Dominion Housing.

    We have set up a Leadership Forum for our senior managers and would be interested if David could come and talk to them next year about the importance of this topic as part of good Leadership.

  2. I’d never thought about it until now.
    Having said that I have, for many years, been tired of having other peoples opinions ramned down my eyes and ears in the name of news and as such stopped subscribing to ‘news’papers as most of the contents seemed to me to be opinion pieces. I also try and get balanced news reports from differing channels to counter bias.
    The new media still has some way to go in terms of maturity but it will be powerful. I would like to see part of it mature into a fact driven tool with the opinions and hearsay still around for those who feel the need to publish them.
    It’s not easy when you start to think about the ‘How to do it’ bit but the ‘What’ and the ‘Where’ are straightforward. As for ‘When’ ? Well that’s up to you.

  3. David – you’ve hit the nail on the head again as usual. We must redress this balance with positive news. I’m a late convert to Twitter, but since I started I’ve become completely hooked. The main reason I like it is positive news. Direct, personal positive messages from people and organisations that make a difference today. I find it personally uplifting to hear of success, and it spurs me on to try to replicate that success wherever I can, In my Church, My ATC Squadron, my family, my company – everywhere. We CAN and we MUST do this.

  4. Colin, hopefully you like the newsletter each month. I assume it gets to you. We try to be uplifting and give out positive news…unlike most media outlets!

  5. David
    I agree 100% with your comments.

    I need to highlight the positive news and share this with my friends.

    I am starting this morning.

    Best wishes

    Andrew Lyne

  6. Dear All,

    I’m feeling like I am part of a great family, spreading all over the world the idea of good news.
    As a journalism trainer, I’m preaching all the time this necessity of re-invent the journalism and also the power of the independent thinkers. I’m very optimistic about the last one, I’m very skeptical about the first one, means that the journalism is now an industry and a business focused activity.

    Last days I was training in two different sessions: one for trainers, one for showbiz agents, people responsible for the carrier of young artists. They express the same frustration about my colleagues journalists, with unprofessional behavior, tabloid vision, etc.

    I really thing that social media could be an alternative.
    But, I’m afraid also of manipulation of this information sent & received by everywhere, everybody. It is so difficult nowadays to verify the sources and this could be the biggest danger of the future.

    I need to add my good news too.
    So, I would like to talk about the beautiful minds and spirits that I’ve met via my radio programs. They are teachers devoted to their students, giving them time to express themselves, nourishing their creativity. They are alive, they are Romanian too, and they really are a sort of warrior in a climate of routine killers, demotivated people.

    I dare to talk also about a beautiful ’emotion ‘ that I recently heard in one word – Thanksgiving – Reconnaissance and this time, it was my gift that I received from my trainees.

    I wish you “avant la lettre” Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    May God give you only good people on your way, good news around you and the very best gift witch is the feeling that you are useful.

    Best wishes,

  7. I really enjoyed the session with David at our Jaguar Land Rover People Development Annual Awards event. A pleasure to meet David and a real inspiration to me.



    P.S. David has agreed to buy a Jaguar within one year – the countdown is on!

  8. Great that David is buying a Jaguar.
    I read that as buying Jaguar at first glance. Now that would be impressive.

  9. Lucky enough to have spent time with David and his wife. Both challenged opinions, encouraged change, respected others and established positives in nearly all conversations. We need this throughout organisations and this rests with all of us to live, breathe , encourage and embrace positive individuals, practices and thoughts

  10. Great to see jaguar are taking on staff in these hard times. Another enlightening post from David. Love the NL creativity.

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