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Impossible? Prove It…

Impossible? Prove It…

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Naked Leader Week 1035 – 7 August 2023

We’ve all been in a meeting when an idea is suggested that is so ridiculous it causes silence, mockery or out of hand dismissal.

Well, imagine this:

A group of acting ‘unknowns’ – their word not mine – get together and have a very unusual, crazy and impossible idea – ‘let’s make a musical about Operation Mincemeat.’

This was a true World War II deception plan conducted by British intelligence in 1943. The outcome was to mislead the Germans about the Allies’ intended invasion of Southern Europe. The plan involved the use of a deceased homeless man, Glyndwr Michael, as a fictional British officer carrying misleading documents.

The body was given a false identity as Captain (Acting Major) William Martin of the Royal Marines. The documents suggested an impending Allied attack on Sardinia and Greece rather than the actual target, Sicily. The Germans fell for the ruse, redirecting their forces away from Sicily, which played a crucial role in the success of the Allied invasion and the subsequent liberation of Italy, while saving hundreds of lives on both sides.

OK – but a musical – with comedy, based on war? Come on! – let’s all go and have a lie down.

In every walk of life, there is only one way to find out if something is impossible – do it and see…

And that’s exactly what the newly formed And that’s exactly what the newly formed SpitLip did.

Starting out in small fringe theatres with a virtually blank stage – they decided to see if it was indeed impossible.

Only to discover it…eh…wasn’t.

After many years of no money, false starts and dead ends, SpitLip are now in residence at The Fortune Theatre in London, with five star reviews, standing ovations at every performance, and a small group of massively talented actors becoming very known indeed.

So, next time someone tells you that your idea is ‘impossible’ – just smile, say a polite ‘thank you’ and know you may well be onto something….

With my love and best wishes to SpitLip and to you all


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