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It’s all about you

A massive thank you for all of your comments, thoughts and feedback on NL Weeks in 2012, and for your input on all our social media. – Revisit some of your favourite blogs from 2012 here.

Please continue to join the debate this year – we won’t always agree with each other (thank goodness!)  – and I have loved reading different points of view, which have helped me to look at ideas, issues and life in a different way.

When reading nlweek and the little voice in your head engages please articulate and share your thoughts by clicking on the reply to comment button below so that everyone can benefit from your point of view.

In 2013 let your thoughts help someone else on their journey.

And, to start your journey into 2013, please share your answer(s) to this:

Imagine if you simply could not fail:

What would you do?
Where would you go?
Who would you be?

With my love and best wishes for a fantastic 2013

David  X

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20 Responses to It’s all about you

  1. I would become an Architect. I’d move to Spain. I’d probably just be myself but if they introduced a World Governing post of Minister in charge of Fairness I wouldn’t mind a shot at being him.

  2. Well between 5am-6am this morning… I’d opened a nightclub, written a book, got a new social website for, started a new take on come dine with me, started an Ideas City ltd company, spoken to Richard Branson to get his views and to Jamie Oliver about a children’s food idea!
    When my husband’s alarm went off at 6, i told him i was worn out. He said I would be on my death bed with my ideas! That gave me an idea for a duvet cover!

    • Ideas – a blessing and a curse especially at night when our subconcious is at its height – goodness only knows what you dream about Jackie!

  3. I would be an astronaut but not limit myself to orbiting the earth, visiting the moon or going to Mars – I would boldly go where no one has gone before …… I would still just be me too
    More earthly bound would be to just carry on with this wonderful journey through life making the most of every opportunity that comes along.

  4. Imagine if you simply could not fail:
    What would you do?
    Where would you go?
    Who would you be?

    Am I the only one that finds this the most difficult question to answer? If we accept one can achieve any goal if one is prepared to pay the price (dedication, sacrifice, focus etc.), what represents a worthwhile goal and why?

    Is it enough that a goal is impressive (lose 60lb, cycle the length of the country etc.) or should it be intrinsically valuable?

    More professional success? Why (power, self-respect, peer-respect, material gain …)

    Help for those less fortunate? Why (it’s their life, their choices)?

    Better personal relationships? Why (what’s the benchmark for good, how do you know you’re not already there)?

    Better health? Why (is this a goal or a step towards one)

    Would love to hear other folks goals and to understand why they are valuable rather than impressive

    • After looking at your post I considered why I wrote what I did.

      An Architect … I think It would make me feel happier and more secure if I had a role that is specific and identifiable. This role would give me that opportunity with the pleasure of seeing a very tangable outcome to your efforts i.e. seeing your creations in the flesh once built.

      Move to Spain … I think our weather can suck some happiness out of you.

      Minister in charge of Fairness … I think what makes me most upset is when I feel something is unfair. Fairness should be the central starting point of all actions, plans and policy and would make everyone happier.

      So in a nutshell all my goals have the value of trying to increase happiness (either my own or others).

    • Hi Mike and I hope you are well – yes, it’s the most exciting and challenging question(s) and the one that started the whole Naked Leader thing off!

      Love your analysis of it (and would love your thoughts on the “Formula for Guaranteed Success”)!


  5. Shorter term: I’d have completed winning my business colleagues round to fully engage with IT, every time they need too. I’ll not have gone anywhere, my family and friends are all close by. I’d certainly still be me, just more confident and articulate in getting my messages across.

    Longer term: I need to give these simple yet powerful questions more thought, although I think I know my goals, maybe I’m just not ready to share 🙂

  6. As a retired Planning & Project Manager for Construction and Development I would like to expand my
    compass of operations.

    I would become a National Planning & Project Manager working from home and advising/commenting upon and following up the Policies promulgated by Government.

    Acting as a pathfinder and sweeper I would hope to bring about a more contented Nation overall.

    As a start I would seek to embody a fair assessment and enactment of fiscal policy to enable both individuals and households to have as equitable share of tax contributions as possible e.g Child Allowances

    Secondly I would seek changes to present planning laws to enable a scheme for development based upon expansion of existing local boundaries by which the local Government may provide land for the Community to construct all forms of Development, including grant aid for brown field use and removal of deleterious ground conditions.

    Thirdly I would introduce more choice for individuals by the methodology of Compulsory Referendum to enable every enfranchised person to have their opinion counted
    on important National issues.

    Finally, if I could not fail, I would seek to have our Members of Parliament reduced to a number that would represent their Counties or Unitary Authorities to a specific number equal for the number of residents in every locality. The maximum number of Members being 500.

    Hopefully the above actions would bring about some release of the tensions many citizens of UK have concern over at present?

  7. I would love to sail around the globe, in a yacht, having just read the book ‘A Voyage for Madmen’. You have to be bold to do the things you want to in life and that is something I would love to do.
    Even thought it would be scary. But hey, if i couldn’t fail, then I would still be alive at the end of it so, no problem.

  8. the trouble is, the things I want to do i can fail, so i prefer not to try them.
    In an ideal world of not failing I will want to fill in a lottery ticket correctly!

    • Great honesty Tony, got a specific thing you want to achieve above all others? Also, love the “fill in a lottery ticket correctly” – btw winning the lottery is very easy, you just have to buy enough tickets…David

      • Very true David. And yes, filling in a lottery ticket correctly is what I do every week. It’s that just I don’t have the right numbers. Yes, I must go and buy 14million tickets to give myself a chance. If only there was a January sale!

  9. What I would do…go and best the best i could be.
    Where would I go…forward.
    Who would I be…myself. The best version of me I can be.

  10. I would love to go to the Moon and beyond just to prove that it wasn’t all in the Nevada Desert and an elaborate ruse to fool the world.

    That’s what I’d do.

    I would be an astronaut, because to have such weightlessness would be superb and surreal.

  11. Sounds like you have been doing too much star gazing, Sam!
    I’d like to go to the moon in the metaphorical sense.
    Now that would be something!

  12. Why not have aspirations to do something completely off the wall?
    If you can’t fail, then it is opening up your horizons and allowing yourself to dream.
    If I could not fail, I would start my own business and make enough money to give something back to society.
    But then businesses do fail, small ones in any case, so something is holding me back. Fear of failure!

  13. Failing can be a good part as you can only learn from your mistakes.
    Therefore it can be a good thing to fail every now and again. That way it makes being successful taste that much sweeter.

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