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Leadership from a different perspective – Penny Illston

Naked Leader Week – 80  Monday 22 November 2004

Leadership from a different perspective – Penny Illston

Hi David.

As requested in the weekly newsletter, I have attached a couple of stories. I couldn’t choose between them, so please take your pick. What a fab idea. Thanks for inspiring me to think about and write about significant moments in my life.


My stories

A stranger sitting next to me on the flight from Rome. He liked my red toenails and was curious about the book in my lap. He chatted happily ……….about his new life, working nights in a saw mill in Canada. Now he had better mates and more time for life. We shared the same initials and a piece of our lives. I, for one, am better for it.

A rookie in the world of big corporates, trying desperately to be cool, I called this so important and awesome man. Phew………I got through the conversation without a hitch. So to finish…..”Goodbye Michael” or “Mr Lincoln”?? “Goodbye Minkle”. Aaaagh, where did that come from? Perhaps a little too familiar for the first conversation.

Feeling the warmth of the sunshine and looking out over the calmness of Lake Michigan, I remembered another time when I had felt such peace and serenity. 20 years earlier in my bedroom with yellow rose wallpaper in Surrey, hearing the distant hum of an aeroplane and watching the clouds in the pink summer sky. Moments to savour amidst the craziness of life.

Penny Illston


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