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Leadership from a different perspective – Yours via Google!

Naked Leader Week – 68- Monday 16 August 2004

Leadership from a different perspective – Yours via Google!

 I discovered Google Answers recently:

And I asked a question on behalf of us all.

What is our reason for being?

Here are some of the thoughts received so far. No-one has “answered” yet, hence online the official “There is no answer at this time.” Which I find very intriguing and Freudian!

Not sure about the reason for being – but the answer, you know, the

answer, to the ultimate question, the question of life, the universe

and everything, is 42. Unfortunately the earth is scheduled for destruction just minutes

before we learn what the question is.

I believe you create your own reason for being.  You discover what you were put on this earth to do yourself, it may be just to bring up a child, or to save mankind – it’s different for everyone.  Hope you find yours!

Life is a time in which we have to contribute our work towards to build a better society and create a more enjoyable environment for all the living beings.

There is no reason. There is no point to it all. There is no big cosmic answer out there.

If it makes you feel better you can pretend otherwise – but deep down you know I’m right.

However, some people know this – they don’t pretend otherwise – but still go on to live full, happy lives – sometimes doing amazing things to help others etc. There may not be any reason for being – but that doesn’t mean that being isn’t worthwhile.

The Universe exists for its own purpose, which is essentially to manifest all possibilities inherent in its existence. As conscious components of the universe, we exist both as manifestations and as witnesses of this process. “Process” may be the wrong word to use in this context, however, since time is an illusion, an artifact of the inherently limited nature of

our awareness.

I don’t know about you but mine is to make comments on Google Answers to impossible questions.

To learn as much as you can, enjoy yourself as much as possible, and report back to home base when you are done.

 I am here to serve others. Dunno what the others are here for. 😉

With much love, warmth and strength always

David X

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