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Let’s Cut The Chain…

Let’s Cut The Chain…

Naked Leader Week – 311 – Monday 8 June 2009

Let’s Cut The Chain…

Time to read 120 seconds

…In chain mails

These are at best unpleasant and at worst destructive in terms of time, volume of traffic and personal wellbeing.

I mentioned these in The Naked Leader (link to our site) and invited people to send them on to me – I have received hundreds, and I am still alive and happy.

I repeat that invitation today, in the light of a particularly nasty one doing the rounds, which starts read this alone… a sure sign you shouldn’t read it at all, instead press that delete button. I won’t give it credence by repeating it here – other than it implies that if you don’t send it to ten people within three hours you are very likely to suffer serious injury, or die.

Charming stuff – so, let’s put a stop to these right now:

Next time you receive one of these, reply to the sender that you do not wish to receive these types of emails in future, and delete it.

Or, if you are at all worried about it, send it on to my ten friends – they love receiving these, and above all they promise to break the chain by not sending them on to anyone.

Store them as a group in your contacts and every time you receive a chain mail send them on!

Maybe you disagree and like them – have your say at

With love and my best wishes




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