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Take Ownership In Your Future

REDUNDANCY has become a realisation for many, however, it is important to remember, it is your job that has been made redundant, not you.

If it has happened to you, then take ownership of your situation, today. Ask yourself if there is somebody out there who is in poorer or more challenging circumstances than you who has gone on to secure a job? If so, then it could happen to you.

Keep applying for work, or, put your big idea to the test. Fate has intervened to take away your job so use your redundancy money to fund phase one of your new business. Take ownership and go and make it happen. Now.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire).

3 Responses to Take Ownership In Your Future

  1. I was made redundant and i went out and made sure it was the start of a new career, not the end of my life.

  2. Redundancy can be the making of a career or it can break. It depends on the individual and their ability to deal with it.
    Some will shy away and take it personally, others will take it on the chin and move on.

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